Cowgirls and Cowboys Online Dating



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Conclusion: Are you Single and a Horse Lover or Equestrian Single? Having any luck meeting partner who are also horse lovers? Check to give yourself a better chance by meeting someone who enjoys the same Equestrian lifestyle that you do!

Equestrian Dating for Equestrian Singles and Horse Lovers

Are you Single and a Horse Lover or Equestrian Single? Having any luck meeting partner who are also horse lovers? Check to give yourself a better chance by meeting someone who enjoys the same Equestrian lifestyle that you do!

Bareback Horse Riding: A Fun and Challenging Way to Improve Your Riding Skills


   There is nothing more magical that bareback horse riding. The whole idea of not having anything hindering the feeling between you and your horse brings a special bond to your relationship. Google Stacy Westfall riding bareback and you’re sure to be in awe of the talent and grace involved in bareback riding. Yet so many riders that have ridden for years have never even so much as tried one bareback ride. I find that sad. Riding bareback is the best way for you to develop balance and feel when riding horses.


What is Bareback Horse Riding ???

    First off, let’s define what bareback horse riding is. Bareback riding refers to having no saddle on the horse. There are however, various pads and blankets you can use to cushion your tooshy from your horses backbone and withers.

The Saddle Does Serve A purpose!!!!

   In my younger days I have ridden al naturel no pads or anything on long trail rides but I don’t recommended this on a frequent basis. Having a saddle for longer, more strenuous rides will save both your behind and your horses back. It takes a lot more balance to ride on hills and uneven terrain while bareback. There were many times after several hours trail riding in the mountains bareback that I had a very sore bottom for several days after!

   The saddle and pad distribute the riders weight over a larger area on the horses back which helps to keep him from getting sore. Same goes for your behind and your legs. The longer your legs dangle free the more likely they are to fall asleep. Note: You should not even attempt to try riding bareback outside an enclosed area or arena until both you and your horse are extremely confident riding bareback at all gaits!

Are You Brave Enough????

   To learn to ride bareback you must be brave! No, just kidding, it’s not that scary. Most people have worked it up in their heads to be a lot harder than it really is. If you take it slow, really slow, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy some quality bareback horse riding time. You may end up like me with bareback becoming your favorite way to ride!

The Key To Riding Bareback…

    I bet you think you know the secret to riding bareback? You have to be strong, right? Nope, you’re wrong. It isn’t strong leg muscles! Gripping with your legs will not only make you sore, but it makes you tense and less likely to be able to go with the flow of your horse. The more you grip, especially with your lower legs, the faster your horse is likely to go and that’s not good!

   The key to bareback horse riding is balance, feel, and going with the flow of your horse. Sit on your seat bones and do NOT roll your weight forward to the front of your pelvis. Of course this is much easier said than done and practice is the key to getting better! Generally, you won’t even want your lower leg in contact with your horses side, just allow it to hang naturally.

  If you are relaxed, you can move with him. If you are tense when he makes a move it will be way harder to stay on! The good news is without a saddle you will be able to feel every movement your horse makes under you. The bad news is that sometimes he may make moves you aren’t expecting! Until you can learn to anticipate what he is going to do by feeling him move under you take things very slow!


where do we go from here ???



     I close my eyes and see the perfect moment happening all around me.  My mind clearly takes in the feelings of happiness, pleasure and trust.  I hold out my hand and a group of horses gently prances toward me.  I am atop a hill over looking a glorious landscape of fresh green grass and scattered tall trees.  The breeze swaying the mane and tail of each horse in a rhythm which calms me.  The sound of hooves comes closer as I begin to realize that they are now but a few strides away.  With arm outstretched, the first muzzle with it’s sweet prickly whiskers rubs over the surface of my hand.  He is smelling me, getting in touch with this other presence in his field. I stay calm, knowing there are many more noses who yet need to take their turn, so they too may be confident that it is their loyal friend among them.  An individual with only the utmost respect for them.  A person who wishes only to please and allow herself to receive their kindness and playfulness around her. There are at least four now, and I feel a bit crowded in.  Yet one I know well.  I sense my pal, his strength can be noticed by the way he is placing his weight in front of me and the others.  As though to create a protective barrier between us both.  He watches out for the placement of his herd’s hooves.  Does not allow them to stomp on my feet.  And so I continue to trust.  I am safe.  I am at the center of attention, and yet they are taking me in as well.  Happiness, pleasure, trust a balance so sensitive, and here in nature, without a worry I have all these feelings within my heart.  I can allow my brain to comprehend the magic of a bond between horses and myself. The mountain top is a place to be myself.  To breath fresh air. To simply be present in the moment.  Have they known all along that as horse, they are capable of balancing the human mind back to center?  Have they over the years provided the affirmation we as humans need to survive.?  Can we, and will we do the same for them? All along I had my eyes closed, now when I open them I want only to know that when there is a time too tough, rough or sad to handle… that with eyes closed and a perfect memory… I can survive and i will be able to help them survive as well.